Many people have reservations when it comes to music lessons because it requires them to invest time and money into learning an instrument. In the end they will often try to convince themselves that it is a waste of time and money. But what people fail to see is that music is more than a source of entertainment. Music is a powerful key that can have a positive effect on the way we think, act and feel and research has shown that learning a musical instrument is an activity that is beneficial to both the human mind and body. Here are the 9 reasons why you should consider learning a musical instrument: 

1. Improves cognitive function

Studies have shown that listening to music and learning to play an instrument can improve mental performance and memory. This includes improving concentration skills, coordination, and motor skills.

2. Develops the brain

Playing music can make a person more creative as practicing and perfecting music helps develop the left-side or the creative side of the brain. It also helps strength the brains ability to perform critical tasks such as making decisions; problem solving; processing and retaining information and regulating behaviour. 

3. Encourage emotional wellbeing

Music can act as an outlet for difficult emotions, especially when an individual is experiencing tough situations. It allows people to express themselves and can help build their self-esteem and confidence.

4. Impact your physical and mental health

Research has shown that learning an instrument has numerous health benefits which include lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, anxiety, and depression, increase blood flow to the brain, regulate mood, improve posture and lead to increased physical activity.

5. Teaches time-management and organisational skills

Learning to play an instrument requires practice, but more importantly requires consistency and routine. People wanting to learn how to play, especially online, need to be organised and manage their time wisely to fit in their lessons and practice.

6. Improves your learning ability

Learning music can improve mathematical ability as well as reading and comprehension skills. This is because music includes many mathematical aspects as well as constant reading and comprehension of music notes and rhythms.

7. Creates a sense of achievement

Mastering a piece of music and being able to play it for family and friends can be a rewarding experience. Overcoming challenges, especially when first starting to learn how to play an instrument can give a person a sense of pride in themselves and improve their self-esteem and confidence. 

8. Promote social skills

Even when learning online, learning an instrument can be a great way to expand your social circle as it provides an icebreaker when meeting new people or gives you the opportunity to join a musical group. It is also the perfect way to strengthen bonds with others within your current social circle or family. 

9. Teaches perseverance and discipline

Learning to play an instrument takes time and effort which teaches all musicians patience, perseverance, and discipline. The best musicians in the world practice often and work hard to learn music which is why they become successful on their instrument.

Learning an instrument can help promote general wellbeing and a sense of self and while there is so much research and evidence out there that support the benefits of learning an instrument, in the end what matters most is that it is fun. Learning music needs to be fun and it needs to make the player feel happy when they are learning how to play.