From what age do you recommend lessons for children?

We recommend children learning from age 8. Younger children may be able to do lessons successfully if they have good hand coordination.

Can all my children learn from one subsciption?

Yes! Anyone in your immediate family can use the same username and password.

Can I learn both guitar and keyboard?

Yes! Your username and password give you access to all ENM lessons. However, it may be best to focus on learning one instrument at a time.

Do you use a qualified teacher?

Yes! Our lessons are created and hosted by JD, a registered, qualified music teacher and professional musician with over 20 years experience. You can see more about JD on the ABOUT US page.

How do I start lessons?

Go to the subscriptions page and choose either 12, 6 or a monthly lesson subscription.

How do I stop payments?

To stop payments, click on “Manage Your Account” at the bottom of your welcome email or payment receipt email then follow the prompts.