When you are looking to purchase a keyboard or digital piano, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the number of options that you have available to you as well as the enormous price range. A workstation keyboard is one of the more expensive keyboard options because it includes a computer for composition and advance program options and can cost thousands of dollars before you even begin your lessons. While sometimes the more expensive options can have better sound quality, they are not a good investment, especially when you are unsure if you will stick with your music lessons and practices.

This is why a simple 66-key keyboard is an ideal instrument for students starting to learn music as it can easily play any style of music. They also require less upkeep aside from a light cleaning. When selecting a keyboard, it is essential to remember that the number of keys on a keyboard can affect what a player can play. A keyboard with less than 66-keys are mostly toys and cannot offer the range students need when learning to play. For beginners, it is best to buy a 66-key keyboard. They are lightweight, portable and have multiple features which make learning to play a little more enjoyable, especially for younger children and teenagers. More importantly, they are a lower-priced option for families or those wanting to budget.

For intermediate and advance players or students wanting to study classical music, a digital piano is a great alternative. They usually come as a full-length 88-key unit that allows the student the full range to express themselves. They are easier to move about and are more affordable than a grand or upright piano. As an added benefit, digital pianos do not require strategic positioning or tuning and are not affected by heat, humidity or moisture.

Some of the better keyboard brands can be quite affordable and offer inexpensive boards with different key rangers, built-in speakers, and a wide range of sound options. They are just as effective as the more expensive keyboards without being overwhelming with all the extra features. Using headphones is a good idea as it allows you to play your music without anyone else hearing it, at anytime of day or night. 

Once you have recognised essential aspects such as your skill level, needs and budget, you will be able to decide which keyboard is right for you.