When you are looking to purchase your first guitar, the first thing you will notice is the assortment of guitars available –brand, style, shape, and sound. The second thing you will notice is price. In the end a guitar is a product, and its makers will always want to make sure it sells by associating it with musicians and quality. This is why some guitars are so expensive and why you would assume that buying a high-end guitar right from the beginning will not only make it easier to play, but sound awesome when you do.  Sadly, this is not always the case, especially for beginners.

The cost of a guitar has nothing to do with how easy it is to play or even how they sound. Manufacturing of less expensive guitars has improved in recent years which means there is little difference when it comes to quality of sound. Sounding good comes down to practicing and learning how to play well. This is why for beginning guitarists or even those just wanting to improve their skill, we recommend buying a cheap or less expensive guitar so you can learn how to play. 

For intermediate guitarists, we still recommend the cheaper option in guitars because there is no one size fits all. Once you know how to play guitar, you will need to try different types of guitars to find one that suits your playing style. Not only that, but depending on your musical journey, goals and budget, buying a cheaper guitar will allow you to invest in a decent amplifier, recording equipment and software. You can always upgrade your cheaper guitar or invest in a high-end one down the track.

In the end, the price of a guitar is not necessarily an indicator of which guitar is better for you. What is important is finding and playing a guitar that naturally feels good for you and your budget.